A good design proposal is a difference between getting new clients and seeing opportunities after that moment leave you back. Unless you’re working as a full-time designer at a company, you’re likely in business for yourself as a freelancer — which indicates that you’ll have to write some graphic design examples for your profession to continually get new clients.

What is a Graphic Design Proposal?

The primary objective of every graphic design proposal is to communicate to clients that your solutions will look excellent and create a positive impression on their business.

A lot of designers get slipped up in the very opening. Because they never really learn what an effective proposal looks like. Many designers get hooked up on the first element but ignore the second. To stand out from the pack, you'll use your proposals to search the business pain points behind the design and how you'll solve them. This demands more than just a price quote and connection to your portfolio!

Initial Steps for You

Start with some basic preparation that is relevant to all of the assignments done by your company:

  • Think about your creative method - Write down the ideal order of activities-phases, steps, and milestones-that enable you to represent your best work. If you are active in more than one practice area, you may have some differences. Your process should be the structure that you use for planning and managing projects.
  • Calculate a standard hourly rate - Prices vary from firm to firm based on the number of expenses being carried, the number of hours available to consecrate to client projects, and the target profit value involved in the sum.
  • Collect data of the potential project. If the client has given you a request for a proposal, analyze all of the items precisely. This may include further discussions with your client meeting and probably others at the client company to learn more.
  • Now you're ready to make a preliminary project plan and budget. You have to make a conclusion note: adjust the totals of pricing as required to indicate the market conditions and the final pricing of the work to the client.
  • You'll also need to create introductory graphic design examples that display the number of workdays or workweeks required.

This internal preparation and graphic design examples have been only for the details. The next step is to start creating a document that the client will view.

How to Write a Graphic Design Proposal

Step 1: Talk to Your Proposed Client to Find Out What They Need

Thanks to the power of web interconnectivity, resting down with any client can take a position virtually, or just meeting in your local coffee shop or at the client’s space if they’re local. But if not, don’t bother: just make a call to speak to your client over Skype, the video chat that most everyone already does.

Let the client talk for as long as it takes; be a good listener because you’re collecting information to determine how you can help your client. Ask important questions, and don’t be hesitant to ask what you think is necessary.

Step 2: Do a Lot of Research

Your first meeting with your client went well enough that they desired you to go forward and plan a design proposal. Now, the heavy lifting on your part starts.

At this stage, you’ll require to do a lot of research, taking insights from graphic design examples. Understand your client’s brand, product, and service well before starting. Ask if your client has any exclusive documents or elements to help you know their position any better. You want to arm yourself with as much detail as possible to enable yourself to put together a design proposal that addresses all of your client's pain points suitably.

In time, that helps you gather many more specific design proposals, one in which you don’t lowball yourself for the great services you’ll provide.

Step 3: Use the Right Software or Tool

Proposal writing can be very easy and effective when you choose the right tool. Thanks to many good software companies offering perfect tools, the web is replete with graphic design proposal creation software to make the process a breeze. And, you’ll be able to create a professional-looking graphic design proposal to transfer to your clients by email.

Step 4: Give Shape To Your Design Proposal by Beginning With the Problem

You’re ready to write the actual proposal! The entire point of your graphic design proposal is to solve your prospect’s problem, so it results that your first part ought to be about their main problem.

Remember that your would-be customer doesn’t worry about you or your brand: they are worried about their business problem and how you can get on board to resolve it quickly for them.

The goal of your design proposal, therefore, is to convince them that you’re the designer for this difficult job. Impress your client right off the bat by using the first impression of your design proposal.

Step 5: Describe Your Solution

This is where you have to make your client believe you. Your client has read this far because they know that you’re the best designer for their project. Now, all that’s due is to finalize their doubt by offering them a solution to the aforementioned pain point.

A good solution should cover all of the following items:

  • A specific course of action to plan proper steps to get the solution
  • Hard stats and data to help the course of action is offered
  • Graphic design examples how your plan will help your prospect and solve their problem
  • Opportunities to examine the strategy at constant and specific intervals


A well-written and impressive solution makes your graphic design proposal attractive, each section creates a large impact to convince your client. You can also use graphic design templates. When you market your services as a graphic designer, you’re telling the world that you’re an expert, so be kind and love your work so your client does.

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