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Successful bids take a bit of effort and energy to create. And if you’ve never written one before, it could seem like an especially daunting task. But following a few important principles in mind will put you in the most effective position when you have to write one for the first time.

What is a Bid Proposal?

The bid proposal is often presented with the use of a bid form. This can be written or printed from software used for expert bidding. Usually, the form is made in duplicate, with one copy being kept on file by the bidder and the other assigned to the business demanding the bid. Such a business proposal can cover key points related to the end of the job, including the time frame for the end, total expenses, and materials needed to complete the job. Depending on the nature of the job, the bid proposal could hold a lot or a little information.

What Details does a Good Bid Include?

There are a few items you can add to give your bid the best possibility of success. We can take a look at a bid proposal template to know what makes these bids special.

Let's look closer:

Personalized Response

Note how the bidder approached the employer by name. Right away, this gives a signal to the employer that you've really read the project posting and aren't just covering every project with a copy-paste reply. Also using someone's name indicates interest and it forms a human connection.

Information about the Project

Include details from the original project listing to prove you've read it thoroughly. Remember that this project is very valuable to the person who posted it. They wouldn't have taken the opportunity to seek out a freelancer otherwise. Attaching details about the project in your bid tells employers that their project is also important to you.

How to Write an Effective Bid Proposal?

Creating a powerful bid proposal is important, as it’s the only way a freelancer can get through to a client. However, many freelancers hesitate at this and that’s why we’re here — to make sure you’ve got a greater possibility to win.

To present the best bid proposal, you should try to follow the powerful points following.

Steps to writing winning bid proposals:

  • Read job descriptions thoroughly
  • HR employees usually say that most of the job applications they get, don’t talk about the real job that was posted. This thing happens with freelancers too.

    With that said, you should always read the job description, taking the time to know what the client needs from you.

  • Read the client
  • Another thing you want to do before writing a bid proposal is to understand the client completely. The job description is a good place to see how the client responds to the project.

  • Do your research
  • Clients often add links to their business website or blog in their job description.

    Most freelancers, however, don’t take the chance to do any further analysis. They don't visit these sections to read some of the post articles on their blog. These types of clients often need a writer that knows how to do research and write like their imagination. Meaning, doing this very primary research is going to support you when you begin to write your proposal.

  • Jot down all related skills
  • Now that you are positive about your talent, write down all your skills.

    However, before you do that, rewrite them, whilst remembering to stay connected to the job description. It looks so real and doesn’t come across that you’re posting them without any connection.

  • Write a draft bid proposal
  • You might be a genius at writing essays, however, for getting bid proposals, get used to writing drafts.With that said, there’s no shame in saying you needed to write more than one cover letter, as a design will help you get your thoughts in check.

    Some writers even do a checklist for this, by attempting to cover the following:

    • The relevant points from the job description
    • Which relevant skills to consider
    • Respond to any questions the client has asked for

    By doing so, it enables you to chronologically tie all of these into a winning bid proposal, by making assured you haven’t left anything out.

  • Check the spelling and grammar
  • It’s the best time to use your favorite proofreading tool and erase any grammar or spelling mistakes you’ve created. As it’ll be an absolute turn-off, should your client point anything out of place?

    If your client’s job needs spelling written in UK or US English, try to address your proposal in this — it would impress them.

  • Upload relevant documents
  • Many freelance websites allow you to upload files when presenting your bid proposal. You should always try to add samples of your past writing, along with links to your online portfolio and other online advertisements that you’ve previously written for.

    Another good plan is to upload important credentials from your past clients, as this benefits to show your work values and courage as a writer.


Your bid is evidence of how good you’re going to perform the job. If you’re serious about building a winning bid proposal. Keep this article as a guideline and follow these steps and you’ll be well-placed to put the race to win with your first bid – and each one after that.

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