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We can define a consulting proposal template as a document that is given to the client. It is made by the consultant. This consulting agreement template acts as a sales pitch. This helps to outline how a consultant will be handling a particular project.

A simple consulting agreement can be defined as a marketing document as well. It shows the experience that a consultant holds and what makes him fit for the job.

The simple consultant agreement letter contains the job's description and conditions that the client prefers. When a job is hired by the client, they further reach an agreement.

How to Write a Consulting Proposal Template?

If you have never made a service proposal template before then we are here to help. You can check out sample consulting proposals or download consulting templates.

If you wish to know how to write a consulting proposal then read the points mentioned below.

  • Cover page

  • We need to start with the cover page to create a simple consulting agreement. It should have the name of the consultant and the client along with submission dates.

  • Brand colours and logos

  • Make sure that you add the brand colours and the logos. It will help to create awareness about your brand among the clients.

  • Include summary

  • Remember to write an executive summary that should include the client's challenges. Mention the challenges and how to plan to solve them.

    Include the strategies, benchmarks and metrics that you will use. The goal is to give your client an idea of the whole document. Try to use a warmer tone but do not forget to be professional.

  • Scope of the project

  • Talk about the scope of the project. Mention what you will be working on and what you will not. Try to be specific.

  • Mention end results

  • These are the end results that need to be mentioned. It includes work results like reports, software products, prototypes, process maps and others.

  • Build a timeline

  • We need to build a timeline by adding deadlines for the milestones. This will help to know which work needs to be completed when without delaying any work.

  • Outline charges

  • Be clear of the thought about how much you will be charging. Remember to include the payment structures such as the deposits, instalments etc. Also mention how the payment has to be paid.

  • Signature

  • This part is really important to finalize the consulting proposal template. It should have the signatures and the date of your proposal. Leave some space as well so that your client can sign.

    These steps are very easy to understand and follow. It takes some time and effort to make one. Make sure that you check the sample proposals so that you avoid errors while making one for yourself.

What are the Types of Sample Consulting Proposals?

A consulting proposal template is written by the consultant. Every project comes with unique challenges that need to be understood. Having a well prepared consulting proposal template will tell the client that you are truly professional.

There are many types of consultant proposal templates that you should know about.

  • Business consulting proposal
  • Consulting project proposal
  • Consulting retainer proposal
  • Consulting service proposal
  • Engineering consulting proposal
  • Healthcare consulting proposal
  • HR consulting proposal
  • Management consulting proposal
  • Marketing consulting proposal
  • Restaurant consulting proposal

There are many ways to create these templates. All we can do is download sample consulting proposals or freelance proposal examples. These consulting proposals templates are easy to edit and you can make modifications easily.

To create these consultant proposal templates you can simply check sample proposals or freelance proposal examples.

What are the Benefits of Making a Consulting Proposal Template?

It is important to have a consultant template. The benefits of making a consulting proposal template are,

  • Scope of work

  • It can be used to establish your scope of work. This helps when you are promoting the services to your clients. This written list will prove to be very successful in future.

  • Promote the service

  • It will not just serve as a legal document but will also help in promoting the services. It can be used as a tool for marketing as well.

  • Build expectations with clients

  • It will help to establish the expectations of the clients along with their responsibilities. Write those expectations down so that future disagreements and problems could be resolved.

  • Client relationship

  • This consulting proposal template can be used to establish a relationship with the client. This helps especially if you are a freelance consultant.


A consultant proposal template is very useful. It helps you to appear professionally in front of your clients. You can get these documents available on the internet. If you are running out of time then simply download it.

Make sure that it includes all the important details that you need. If not, then choose to edit it. The ones looking forward to creating it should remember the important steps. This will help to make a simple consulting agreement valid and strong.


What should Be Included in a Consulting Proposal Template?

The consulting proposal template should have the cover page, executive summary, client problems and goals, project outline, solutions, costs, terms and conditions.

Can the Clients Sign the Consulting Proposal Template Digitally?

The answer is yes. The clients can sign the consulting proposal template digitally. It offers other digital experiences like copying, signing, scanning, the printing of the proposals as well.

Are the Clients Allowed to Customize the Consulting Proposal Template?

Yes. If you choose the right site then you can easily customize the template according to your needs and download it in no time. All you need to do is go to the editing mode and customize it to create a template, the way you want it.

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