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Do you want to get your digital marketing agency hired by a new client? Or perhaps you’re offering a new digital marketing project to managers in your company. In both cases, you'll need a strong marketing proposal. Your proposal should present details about your digital marketing services, also explain how your services will help potential new clients or the company.

What is a Digital Marketing Proposal?

A Digital marketing proposal is a sales document used to get a possible client's project. It covers all the information related to key deliverables and services and a summary of timelines and charges. This digital marketing proposal mainly concentrates on how your digital marketing services will help potential clients reach their goals.

At the upper level, your digital marketing proposal will usually include the following (explained later):

  • Client testimonials or samples of case studies to build trust
  • Agency’s background information to show your worth
  • Scope of services, practical timelines, and charges
  • The benefit of your digital marketing services

Who is Your Digital Marketing Proposal For?

Your Digital marketing proposal will take a shape based on why you want it for.

A marketing proposal for business owners may look more complex than one for landing a new client.As with all amazing content, it starts and ends with your particular audience in mind.This indicates it will focus on your client's or stakeholder's demands. After all, the project is about achieving its goals and a winning proposal shouldn't be a press release for your profession.

  • Marketing Proposals For Business Owners And Clients

  • This type of digital marketing template is flexible and will work for both parties pitching business owners as well as those working with clients. So, whether you're a freelancer or a marketing agency, a marketing proposal template will work for you.

  • Business Owners

  • First, if you're using a digital marketing proposal template to pitch a project, remember they're covering as many last-minute fire drills as you are. They have a lack of time. And everyone needs their attention.

  • Clients

  • Second, if you're using the marketing proposal template to get new clients, they're just as busy — and magnetically attracted to the dollars and cents. That's why it's essential that your digital marketing proposal moves the pain of the problem, then highlights the solution completely.

    How to Write the Perfect Digital Marketing Proposal?

    Starting a digital marketing agency isn’t difficult, but transforming that business into a successful organization is difficult. A good digital marketing proposal template is always beneficial and easily customizable for any client. Therefore, a strong structure must be made and served. If you're using a marketing proposal sample, you’ll be able to follow a set structure but still be able to customize it at any time with precise thoughts, recommendations, and plans for each new client.

  • Answer the Question, ‘why you?’

  • The first part of a successful digital marketing proposal starts with a solid & inspirational statement. Define why your company is the best to manage a client’s business.

    Start with a kind note and impress the potential client. Provide a beginning statement to attach your work with their individual needs.

    Then, answer these questions shortly:

    • What is your expertise?
    • What makes you unique? Team leadership, workflow, tools, knowledge, & prizes
    • What’s your greatest work? Clients and highlights
  • Finding Your Prospective Client’s Problems

  • Discuss the possible problems your client may suffer. As a digital marketing company, there are many fields you can see into offering service nearby, including design improvements, brand management, growth rate optimization, SEM, SEO, etc.

  • Identifying Solutions

  • Marketing is a growing industry — things are changing very fast and businesses demand to adapt to new challenges more quickly than ever. As a digital marketer, I’m solution-oriented, and I’m looking for anyways that can fix business problems. Inbound marketing is the most common solution for a business. After addressing the queries your potential client is suffering — it’s necessary to come up with some solutions & goals.

  • Set a Realistic Timeline

  • When it comes to a timeline, evaluate your current business — as well as their current requirements, your works, and the ability to come up with a sensible timeline for their solution.

    It will seem more professional to come up with a complete schedule depending on their response, but also keep your solution deep enough to serve as a marketing proposal template.

    Your timeline demands to have the following parameters:

  • Timeframe: The schedule given can be shown in weeks, months, and quarters
  • Goals: Marketing goals showing the strategic value
  • Initiatives: What are the high-level marketing exercises you’re working on
  • Activities: What are the key marketing actions you’ll perform
  • Status: Color-coded signs about the current status (green, yellow, red)
  • Also, it’s not only about the timeline and process — it’s also about consistency.

    Consistency is a special habit that you require to develop by writing content, managing social media posts, analyzing plans, executing strategies, continuously learning from the industry leaders, and holding it.

  • Find the Right Team & People

  • There are many benefits to working with a company, and expertise is one of them. Companies don’t require any training — they can come up with a new concept, they are effective with their time, and they have access to sources you usually don’t.

    When you are presenting your marketing proposal to the client — it’s the best chance to show off the ideal team they will be working with.

    When presenting the team, your client will be working with making convinced to do the following:

  • Add a professional headshot for every person on the team
  • Add their name & title
  • Add an active bio
  • Don’t involve everyone in your company or office — just highlight relevant team members.

    Also, be sure to add all the other important internal & external partners you’re working with — such as video teams, content writers, and others.

    Whether they’re part of your company or not, add them in the presentation as well if they will be involved in the client’s processes.

  • Use the Right Technology & Tools

  • We’re used to treat the case with a “that will do” kind of approach. While that may have been sufficient in the past, times have been modified. Technology now explains how we work together and what our dangers and effects will be.”

    Coordination in digital marketing can’t be achieved with these types of processes, and solid workflows demand the help of dedicated tools. While offering these solutions to your client, outline the initial communication, publishing, content, production, and analytics platforms you’re using.

    And then finish your marketing proposal with an inspiring note!

    Think about the most influential your company had in the past months or years. Also, what experience advises you? It’s an excellent opportunity to add some testimonials, client names, and logos.


Whenever a client is looking for a digital marketing agency to promote his/her brand/business they want an agency that will target every important part of it. So be consistent in providing good services to your client. Or you can set up an automation workflow and the top policies to do that. It will make your entire system more scalable. This will make it so you can focus on the most critical part — developing the agency and bringing in money.

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