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Want to boost your sales process and win more SEO clients? An SEO proposal template presents a complete blueprint of the SEO Proposal. If you want to create an SEO proposal for your clients, then read this article to know to create a winning SEO proposal.

What’s in an SEO Proposal?

The SEO proposal is the cornerstone, the very foundation of the whole agency/client relation.

A good SEO proposal not only interests the proposed client enough that they hire you but also builds the expectations and scope of the project at hand. It hooks them, attracts them, and also defines the boundaries, responsibilities, and success metrics of the project.

To get great performance and make clients satisfied, you need a well-planned, individually tailored SEO proposal.

How to Win More SEO Clients

Competing for new clients is challenging. But, the SEO proposal template will help quite a bit with that. It should be the final step in your selling process. First, you need to make a connection, build trust, and make your offering.

Here are a few suggestions to help you with those important steps.

  • Give before you get - In your outreach, look out for some low-hanging fruit on the prospect’s site. Create SEO proposal templates samples and practice more, share any thoughts that will help them. This will place you aside from competing agencies.
  • Have a strategy for how your sales calls will work. It’s even a great idea to write a quick plan before the call. And make sure you always have a “point b” in mind to tell the client at the end of the call.
  • Lots of people who pretend to be SEO specialists have no idea what they’re speaking about. So get it clear that YOU do. Some well-written case studies and client testimonials on your site can go a long way.

Everything You Should Include in Your SEO Proposal

This list provides a common failure of the information your SEO proposal should include.

Introduction & Summary

Start your proposal by introducing your company. Let the client know what makes your company the best fit!

Remember: a proposal is a sales pitch. Here is where you'll be selling your company and building trustworthiness. Later in the SEO proposal, you'll dip more into the specific deliverables and pricing.

A great introduction should include:

  • Show what differentiates your agency
  • Highlight your agency's experience
  • Introduce the Team

Pitch Specific SEO Insights

Here you want to show particular insights you've collected about their present SEO performance.

  • Know their business problems and goals
  • Researched their website
  • Personalize the proposal

It doesn't take much time to collect a few SEO insights to add to the proposal.

Insights to add in your keyword analysis are:

  • The client's current keyword position
  • A site audit of the client's website

Solutions & Deliverables

In this part of your proposal, you'll dive into what duties and projects you'll be doing as part of the SEO campaign.

Are you offering link-building services? How many links would you create a month? Will you build a content strategy? Will you handle their social media marketing?

Describe the deliverables so your client knows what to expect from you each month.


SEO results take time, but people don't understand that. Add a timeline in your proposal so the client knows when they are supposed to see results.

Reveal each of your proposed resolutions down into particular, measurable milestones.

Call to Action

Finish your proposal with a strong call to action that makes the clients know the next actions to get started. It should cover your contact information and the next steps in the process.


Understanding the art of writing a killer SEO proposal is completely worth the time and effort it takes. You'll get more clients when all your proposals are special, detailed, and well convincible.

If you want to start bettering your proposals today, concentrate on addressing your client's problems, clearly say how you can help, and build trust.

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