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You have built an outstanding application, and now, you want to put a face to it. An application's UI UX design is a critical part that not only presents it to the world but decides whether or not it is simple to use. And for that, you created a mobile app template to get the client. As a developer, you have to create an application that can simply be used and how the features will be a benefit to the client.

What is a Mobile App Proposal?

As an app developer, the mobile development proposal is your primary object of solid contact with possible clients. It displays your competence in interacting with clients and opening up the conversation about what they want.

A good mobile app development proposal gets the balance between satisfying clients to hire you and establishing practical expectations. This can be a hard line to walk, but hold through to the end and you’ll see our mobile development proposal template will help you do just that.

The Essential Elements of a Mobile Development Proposal

It takes some back-and-forth to determine specifically what a client needs in their mobile application.

Here are the basic structure segments of a great mobile development proposal:

  • Background - The client aims to resolve a business problem with the development of a mobile app. Prove that you understand the problem they’re dealing with by referencing their company's goals. Define the app they want, and the functionalities it will need.
  • You and Your Team - Start with introducing yourself and your agency. Write short bios about your hardworking team that will be operating with the client. Briefly establish credentials. Give a case study if you can.
  • Services and Timeline - Break down the method into parts. For example:
  • Week 1: Scoping method to establish app specs with the client

    Week 2: Wireframes

    Week 3-9: Development

    Week 10: Testing

    Week 11: Uploading to the app store

  • Budget -Your project expenses, and the payment schedule. Create a bundled pricing format to get it easy for the client to say yes.
  • Call To Action -What does the client want to do to keep the ball rolling? Include the contact of the person, their email, and phone number. Also, make it obvious that the app proposal is not a yes/no statement—it can be modified to better suit the client’s requirements.
  • Some Cornerstones to a Mobile App Template


    Scope links to the parameters of the project e.g. what is it that you’ll be developing. With app development, the scope of a project will link to the features and functionality of the mobile app. What benefits are there? What do they do? How does the user get from A-B?

    The client may want to know specifically what they’re getting from the source before the deal is made.


    This part of your app proposal will cover the most important point, and the first thing your possible client will look at. When you’re a fledgling mobile app developer, it’s easy to undervalue your services to win the work. It’s also very important to involve not just development costs, but continuous maintenance charges too.


    A lot of clients want things quickly, and some have a predetermined time range they want to work to.

    You must get the time range details at an early stage so you can confidently say in your mobile app proposal that you can finish the project on time.


    There’s a balancing act between getting enough information to make a convincing app proposal. A poorly constructed mobile app proposal can keep you doing the job. To create mobile app templates and showcase them on your website.

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